<i>You Must Imagine Yourself Happy<i>

You Must Imagine Yourself Happy

Mixed media - lawnmower, electric motor, spiral, 2019

Kenneth Arguinzoni

Miami, FL

A display cabinet, a drinking fountain, even baseballs are a few of the objects I use for motivation and materials in my art. I incorporate these objects with their given meanings, with other forms that change their original connections and open up fresh ideas. My sculptures are a synthesis of the visible and hidden issues children experience during childhood. Rotating items are a recurring detail in several works. In "That's not the Me they want," a cabinet rests on a floor, inside commemorative plates spinning in white sand. Another piece titled "You must imagine yourself happy," a lawnmower, attached to a wall, with a spiral set on top of the engine rotating. The autographed baseball is also an element in my work. Baseballs appear rolling from the bottom of a drinking fountain in "Monday morning on Gilligan's Island." I'm an artist who combines ordinary objects, to produce images that stop time, bring imaginary scenes to life, that express anguish, perseverance, and aspiration.