Hand-pulled ultra-violet screen print, 2018

Briar Craig

Lake Country

For the last number of years, the starting point for much of my work has been Roland Barthes’ ideas of the Death of the Author. I am playing with the theory that we are all the authors of the works we see. We will interpret and make sense of what we have before us in idiosyncratic and personal ways as we wade through a never-ending barrage of visual and textual information.

Increasingly, I have been using found texts (headlines, fortune cookie fortunes, etc) in a more socio/political manner (sometimes jumbled and sometimes not) as a kind of commentary on the current state of the world.

Ultra-violet cured screen printing inks allow the medium (a form of mass communication/production/reproduction) to synthesize refined details and subtlety with the directness and immediacy associated with traditional forms of propagandist poster making.