Film photography, 2019

Purchase Award

Paul Nettles

Alexandria, LA

The Artist In Question was born in Houma, LA, and at age 4 was moved to Alexandria without being consulted about it.  Quickly realising there is no end to the number of things to know about, he decided to learn a little about everything.  So far, so good.  Part of this pursuit involved BA degrees in Psychology and Studio Art.  Other parts involved gently trespassing in train yards, inserting himself between chairs and walls, and hoping someone will hire him to be a Bad Example.  At age 8 he was given a Kodak 110 camera.  Precious few photos remain from these formative years: for that let us give thanks.  It is widely believed that breathing fumes from too many packages of film have afflicted his brain, leading to a lifelong love of chasing the sun and telling complete strangers how to stand so the light best falls across them, then muttering to himself about bringing the wrong lens.

He has been called rather a lot of things in his time: “Ma'am,” “Hey You Get Off Those Railroad Tracks,