Oil on canvas 2018

Marcus Michels

Hattiesburg, MS

I construct original compositions based on direct observation of forms in nature. Specifically, my work involves the figure in an interior/studio environment. My paintings are a response to the formal relationships between the elements of color, light and shape. The gesture of the figure adds a sense of fluidity and ties together the formal elements of the composition in a way that engages our own sense of movement and physicality.

I prepare for a final painting by creating numerous smaller scale linear and tonal works. I use these preparatory works as stepping stones in the creation of one essential, final design. Distilling into singular 2D form the many rich observable conditions of nature, I seek to convey the subtleties of light, temperature and atmosphere as these impact our visual perception of the figure. A natural, yet ephemeral condition is paused for our reflection. Painting communicates in a glance that which cannot be said simply.