<i>Let's Be Blunt<i>

Let's Be Blunt

Swisher Sweet Packaging, ribbon, drawer liner, wire, 2018

Second Place: $500

Emily Gomez

Lubbock, TX

My work aims to bring awareness and challenge the normalcy of the ever-growing social issue of mental health. For most, living with a mental illness looks like shopping at the grocery store or picking up children up from school, as in our society, it is customary to suppress one’s emotions. In a time of astronomical living expenses, and cost of education, there is no time for “setbacks” without severe financial consequences. My work aims to juxtapose societies norm to suppress, by outwardly expressing intense emotions of living life with mental illness

For instance, one of the least talked about diagnosis is panic disorder. This piece is a manifestation of one of many "triggers" involved in revolving panic attacks. The irrational fear of death with no probably cause, such as blood clots in this instance, trigger intense fear as the body goes into a "fight or flight" response. However, these intense and fogging symptoms must be suppressed to be a functioning member of society.