<i>Did I Bring You Enough Joy?<i>

Did I Bring You Enough Joy?

Mixed Media - Pen and Ink and Charcoal on Vellum Layers, 2020

Honorable Mention: $100

Beth Welch

Geismar, LA

Memory is neither static nor absolute. The mind recalls memories imperfectly, never able to recall the elusive truth of personal history. Childhood memories are bound in this reality of remembered facts and forgotten particulars, true fictions unto themselves. No one teaches women how to be mothers.
A woman follows the teachings of the women who raised her, but only her own recollection of the lessons. The maternal figures who so influenced her own course to motherhood are now only ghosts, hazy, their voices faint.
By creating drawings of mothers in charcoal and their offspring in pen and ink I reflect on the blur of motherhood and the divide of the clarity of child rearing. The layers of vellum depict the separation of the past and future generations of women.
These mediums explore simultaneously what it means to be the child of a mother, and the mother of a child. Through this series I explore motherhood and the mutable remembrances of childhood in the context of memory.