<i>COVID-19 - France<i>

COVID-19 - France

Multidimensional Photomontage, 2020

David Goetz

Palm Springs, CA

My multidimensional photo-montages broach culturally challenging themes, such as climate change, gun violence, immigration, and the 2020 election. Currently, there is not a topic that severely impact us more than the coronavirus pandemic, having spread into over 200 countries across the globe.

In the US, the disease has changed our way of life. Social distancing is now the new "norm" for Americans. Additionally, the country has effectively come to a grinding halt, with every state in the union affected, while the nation's medical resources are taxed to the limit.

My art pieces incorporate multiple images that contrast each other to bring about new interpretations. These works, while dealing specifically with the pandemic are samplings of my art production process: to employ charged images in order to create awareness of issues. In molding the new combinations from found photographs, I create varying levels of depth, in imagery and meaning, to become stimulating and thought provoking.