<i>Mr. Celestial Hunk Musk and Mrs. Kiss Edge Ajar<i>

Mr. Celestial Hunk Musk and Mrs. Kiss Edge Ajar

oil on board / found object, 2019

Carson Grubaugh

Modesto, CA

I have always desired to transcend the limitations of my physical body. This impulse first led to an interest in mysticism. Upon finding the occult to be a useless void I turned to Idealist philosophies, then to the Philosophy of Information, hoping to escape the physical into the Noumenal/Informational. Unfortunately – for me – this research turned me into a committed Realist.

There is no body/mind divide. There is no physical/informational (spiritual) divide. There is no escape from being an embodied individual. Yet, still I desire. My current series “The Abolition of Man” is an extension of this battle between my Idealist desires and Structural-Realist beliefs.

The works are an attempt to present the beautiful horror of the human form unbound from the laws of physics, the terrorific utopianism of a post-personal-identity future, the fear that humanity’s ability to generate meaningful semantic-gold from the lead of existence is devolving into meaningless content-generation.